Where to Find Pine Wood Genshin


In the expansive world of Genshin Impact, gathering resources is a crucial aspect of character progression and crafting. Pine wood, in particular, is a valuable material used in various recipes and weapon ascensions. Embark on a journey through Teyvat with this extensive guide, unveiling the key locations where pine wood can be discovered in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Pine Wood Genshin

Unveiling Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

  1. The Importance of Pine Wood
    • Delve into the importance of pine wood in Genshin Impact, emphasizing its role in crafting and advancing character progression.
  2. The Pine Wood Biome
    • Identify the specific biome where pine wood is abundant, providing insights into the visual cues and environmental features that signify the presence of pine trees.

Locating Pine Wood in Genshin Impact

  1. Mondstadt – Windwail Highland
    • Guide on exploring Windwail Highland in Mondstadt, detailing the locations where pine wood can be harvested and the best routes for efficient farming.
  2. Liyue – Minlin
    • Explore the Minlin region in Liyue, revealing optimal locations for harvesting pine wood and offering strategies to enhance your collection efforts.
  3. Inazuma – Narukami Island
    • Prepare for the electrifying landscape of Narukami Island in Inazuma, where pine wood awaits. Uncover the distinctive challenges and key locations specific to this region.

Long-Tail Queries Explored

  1. Are there specific times when pine wood is more abundant in Genshin Impact?
    • Explore the potential time-based variations in pine wood availability and whether certain times of the day or weather conditions affect its abundance.
  2. Can you find rare crafting materials while collecting pine wood in Genshin Impact?
    • Investigate the possibility of encountering rare crafting materials or artifacts while gathering pine wood, enhancing your resource-gathering experience.
  3. How does the availability of pine wood vary in co-op multiplayer mode?
    • Examine whether the presence of other players in co-op mode influences the distribution or abundance of pine wood in the game world.
  4. Do pine wood locations in Genshin Impact come with associated challenges or adversaries?
    • Address the potential encounters with enemies or challenges in pine wood-rich locations, offering tips for handling such situations.

FAQs Section

Q1: Can pine wood be obtained from any tree in Genshin Impact?

Pine wood is specific to certain pine tree variants, recognizable by their distinct appearance.

Q2: Is there a limit to the amount of pine wood you can collect daily?

No, there is no daily limit on pine wood collection. Players can gather pine wood freely based on their exploration and crafting needs.

Q3: Can pine wood be purchased from NPCs in Genshin Impact?

Pine wood cannot be directly purchased from NPCs. It must be collected from the designated locations across the game world.

Q4: Do certain characters have talents that improve pine wood collection efficiency?

As of the current game version, there are no specific character talents that directly enhance pine wood collection efficiency.

Q5: Are there pine wood locations that offer a scenic view or hidden treasures?

Exploring pine wood-rich locations may unveil scenic viewpoints and hidden treasures. Keep an eye out for unique landmarks and opportunities for exploration.


In conclusion, mastering the art of locating pine wood in Genshin Impact opens up avenues for crafting and character enhancement. By exploring the highlighted regions in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, you can efficiently gather this valuable resource. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to Teyvat, understanding where to find pine wood ensures a smoother journey in the fantastical world of Genshin Impact.

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